Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Methodology Update

We are still tweaking the ideal appropriate technology to unobtrusively record game play, simultaneously on screen and in the play space occupied by the players and have come up with a working project kit which includes a small video camera(flip), sound recorder(zoom h2) to record the space of play and a less ideal recording device (nueros) to screen capture.
We have established 2 fieldsites and have scheduled an initial session at a third. While we consider other technical equipment to complete the ideal fieldkit we are also struggling with the best way to organise the sessions appropriately to preserve spaces of play and/or consider what the nature of the space we are co-creating is (What can this hybrid work-play space show us?) . In addition to considering the type of things we can study using visual methods and how best to employ those methods this project specifically has brought the challenge of how research work changes spaces of play.
By the end of March we plan to test a new tech set-up to replace the nueros and draft a finalized fieldkit summary paper and draft emerging themes reflecting on the research we have conducted so far in order to direct our field work in April.