Thursday, 4 February 2010

Update, Wednesday, 4 February 2010

We have initiated our first field site session. We videorecorded a play session and subsequent gamer biography. We have been invited back to have another session during a family party to continue developing this field site.

We confirmed our model of participant observation in a gaming environment.

We have decided to conduct interviews after game sessions, and to not formally describe them as "interviews"; Rather we want to reframe them as "chatting about games" so as to maintain the space of play, rather than running counter to that space by framing it as a space of research, hence work.

The search for additional players and play sites continues.

Technical notes:

Our kit should include extra batteries and extension cords and powerbars, as well as a bag to organise all kit. We have applied to get more equipment as we are using our personal Wii console and other accoutrements.

Our storage requirements are growing exponentially as we attempt to edit our video footage. We require several Wirefire harddrives and SD cards.

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